I reflected upon the fact that another ten years had passed as I left the building for winter break.  For the immediate past decade, I had given my last voice lesson, class, and rehearsal.  It felt wonderful!  How many had that been in the last ten years I asked? How many students had I taught?  The math could be done, but the more important question is, “How many students have I impacted in a positive way?”

The next ten years will surely bring many changes to my life – hopefully all exciting and. new, but probably also a few that will be sad and disheartening.  My approach with every challenge will begin with a focus on what is right for me and right for the people that I encounter every day.  How can I make a difference in young lives?

As we venture into a new decade, ACDA-MN will continue to evolve and change with guidance from our members and focus upon our recent 2020 Task Force organizational evaluation.  Please be patient as the wheels of change and often slow but steady.  Know however, that they are certainly turning.

Happy New Year!  May you have a wonderful beginning to your next decade of adventure!