Choir:  Minnesota Chorale

Date & Time:  10/19/2020,  07:00 pm

Dr. Sharon Paul

The Minnesota Chorale invites you to this free interactive session with Dr. Sharon Paul (Director of Choral Activities, University of Oregon) on “The Art and Science of the Choral Rehearsal.”

Her book of the same title explores the idea that choral conductors who better understand how the brain learns, and how individuals within groups function, can lead more efficient, productive, and enjoyable rehearsals. Armed with this knowledge, conductors can create rehearsal techniques which take advantage of certain fundamental brain and social psychology principles. Through such approaches, singers will become increasingly engaged physically and mentally in the rehearsal process.

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This program is part of the Minnesota Chorale’s Fall 2020 Interactive Series, presented on select Monday evenings in October and November. Additional programs in the series include:

  • Nov. 9: Dr. Ahmed Anzaldúa: Songs from Latin America
  • Nov. 16: Adrian Davis: Singing Peoples’ Lives – Exploring Gospel Music