Hello! I am thrilled to be sending this note as the new Executive Director for ACDA-MN. Over the past two months, I have gotten to learn more about the work of this terrific organization and to meet many of its members. In particular, the ever-generous Bruce Becker has shared so much of ACDA’s incredible history and accomplishments in supporting choral music throughout the state.

While Bruce has retired as Executive Director, he will continue as Director of Development through December, 2022, and as Coordinator of the FMC 151st Anniversary Concerts through November, 2022, in a part-time capacity. Bruce’s email address will be execdirector@acda-mn.org until January 1. His permanent phone number will remain at 952-270-7489.

I am excited to get started building on our successful track record of performance, professional development, and scholarship opportunities, and to further our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to truly make the rehearsal room and concert stage a place for all. Choral singing brings people together. It builds bridges and strengthens community bonds.

I am reminded that ACDA’s mission supports the health and well-being of our singers and communities – work that is needed now more than ever.

Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to meeting you!

Jamie Andrews
Executive Director, ACDA of MN