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We are almost OUT OF THE WOODS!

What a journey! I know I am ready to wrap up another school year and am looking forward to a more “normal” summer and a fresh start in the fall. I hope to see many of you at Summer Dialogue in August. I am very excited about the changes we have made. There is ample […]

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Welcome 2021!

Hello friends!

We have made it to another new year, and probably for those in the schools, another semester. Wow-  what a journey we have all been through in the past few months.  I hope you can center on some of the positives that this time has brought us- time with family, time to […]

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History in the Making

Hello friends and welcome to history in the making!  This pandemic has really stretched our patience, positive outlook, and sent our fabulous plans out the window! We are not used to this quiet and unpredictable scenario. We don’t like being away from our singers and there are great fears of what is to […]

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A New Decade Is Here!

I reflected upon the fact that another ten years had passed as I left the building for winter break.  For the immediate past decade, I had given my last voice lesson, class, and rehearsal.  It felt wonderful!  How many had that been in the last ten years I asked? How many students had I taught?  […]

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Thank You All!

Thank you to all who attended, presented, and performed at the ACDA-MN fall conference!  Dr. Andre Thomas was the perfect person to lead the very first Urban High School Choral Festival, and we hope to continue that festival in the years to come with the partnership of VocalEssence.  During the whole weekend with every rehearsal […]

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Happy July!

I am excited to begin my duties as your state president and welcome any feedback or concerns you might have about the organization at any time.  We are in an exciting time in Minnesota having completed an organizational revue called 20/20, and we have already implemented many new ideas in our programming and procedures.  I […]

Welcome to our new leadership!

We welcome new leaders on July 1st, as terms are completed. Welcome to our new President, Diane Heaney, and to President-elect, Stephanie Trump. Paula Holmberg rotates to the role of Vice-President.

Our greatest thanks and appreciation are extended to Susan Zemlin, out-going Vice-President, and to retiring district chairs – Jeff Dahl, Seana Graber and Jerome Upton. […]

Summer Dialogue is just around the corner!

The Great Minnesota Choral Get-Together is just around the corner.

As you take a refreshing breath of air, filled with satisfaction over the year’s success and warm relationships formed, take a moment to register now for ACDA-MN Summer Dialogue.

Your ACDA-MN executive team have been listening and we’ve developed a program around the expressed interests and needs […]

New Beginnings

Happy New Year!

I have always loved the rhythms and cycles in our world and in our lives. The promise of each “new beginning” is enticing and energizing, filling me with hope for what’s to come. As you look ahead, consider the exciting opportunities available to you through ACDA. The national conference in Kansas […]

Forward Momentum!

You’re off to an energized start with great expectations for the months ahead. I’m wishing you a well-spring of spirit and drive, as your programming unfolds and fresh possibilities reveal themselves. Please join us at the State Conference for a booster charge, November 16-17, 2018.

Following a fabulous Summer Dialogue, the ACDA-MN […]