Stock Gifts

Gifting stock can result in a donation that costs just pennies on the dollar. Stocks held more than 12 months offer a two-fold tax savings. You avoid paying capital-gains tax on the increase in value of your stock, and you receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift.

How to give stock:

To make a stock gift to ACDA-MN’s F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund, please provide the following information to your broker in writing:

Broker/Dealer:   TD Ameritrade

DTC Code:   0188

Account Registration:   American Choral Director’s Association of Minnesota

Account Number:   931045744

ACDA-MN Tax ID #:   41-1816497

Then, please contact us at 952.270.7489 to inform us of your transaction so that we know the gift is from you. Thank you!

If you have a question and can not find the answer here please contact us using the following form: