Work Place:  The Basilica of Saint Mary
Location:   Minneapolis, MN
Post Date:  06/20/2022
Deadline:  Until filled

Purpose of Position

In collaboration with the entire liturgy team, the Director of Contemporary and World Liturgical Music is responsible for the visioning, the planning and execution of the liturgy in its contemporary musical expression, while integrating music of the World Church in service of the mission of The Basilica of Saint Mary.

Position Requirements

• Sunday and Holy Day availability
• Intersect with multiple departments
• Work with outside partners (e.g., downtown houses of worship)
• Have flexible schedule to accommodate unexpected needs (e.g., funerals)

Position Qualifications

• Graduate degree in liturgical music
• 5 or more years of working in a parish setting
• Experience of working in a Cathedral setting preferred
• The following active and demonstrated skills, knowledge and abilities:

– Good knowledge of liturgical music, especially contemporary music & music of the church throughout the world
– Excellent piano skills to lead the liturgies, play piano literature, accompany soloists and choirs, as well as improvisation skills
– Ability to direct choirs and musical ensembles
– Familiarity with ritual texts and documents
– Pastoral sensitivity
– Good interpersonal and communication skills
– Experience and ease in working with youth/children
– Willingness to work in a collaborative setting
– General computer literacy and familiarity with Finale music notation software and Adobe InDesign)
– Budget and office skills

Primary Functions and Major Activities

1. In collaboration with the entire liturgy team and the other musicians, envision and plan the music for the contemporary celebrations of the 11:30 AM and 5:00 PM Sunday Eucharist.

2. Coordinate and oversee all the musical groups, which provide music at the 11:30 AM, and 5:00 PM Sunday Eucharistic celebrations.

a. Oversee, and direct Mundus, the Basilica’s contemporary/world choir which is to assist with the music at the 11:30 AM Sunday Eucharist.

b. Oversee, and direct Juventus, the youth ensemble which is to provide music at the 5:00 PM Sunday Eucharist, once per month, September through May.

c. Oversee, and direct the Basilicas contemporary musicians’ ensemble which is to provide music at the 11:30 AM and 5:00 PM Sunday Eucharist when choirs or guest musicians are not present.

d. Invite and coordinate visiting world music ensembles which provide special music at the 11:30 AM or 5:00 PM Sunday Eucharist.

3. Coordinate music and musicians for Taizé prayer services.

4. Manage the budget for the above-mentioned musical groups.

5. Manage the music libraries that pertain to the above-mentioned groups.

6. Assist with worship leaflet music engraving and layout/production as needed.

7. Assist with any other special liturgies when needed (i.e., morning prayer, vespers, funerals, baptisms, liturgies during retreats, etc.)

8. Be a resource to the learning department, especially in terms of children’s, youth, young adult ministry, and RCIA.

9. Coordinate maintenance of Basilica campus pianos.

10. Coordinate the sound technicians and communicate all sound needs with them.

Other Responsibilities

The responsibilities listed above are representative responsibilities intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by staff members assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities and qualifications required of the position.

Physical Demands

• Able to walk up and down stairs
• Work 40 or more hours per week when needed

Mental Demands

• Ability to work with minimal supervision
• Strong oral and written communication
• Ability to maintain confidentiality
• Ability to prioritize tasks, workloads, and workflow
• Analytical and problem-solving skills

Dress Code

• At all times the dress code is to be professional (See HR Manual).

Designation of Essential Functions

Employment in and by the Church is substantially different from secular employment.

Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner, which is consistent with and supportive of the mission and purpose of the Church. This position does not require that the employee be a Catholic. However, as a parish community rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church, employees/volunteers are expected to be knowledgeable of core tenets and respectful of the mission, purpose and teachings of the Catholic faith.

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Contact Person:  Teri Larson

Contact Phone:  (612) 317-3426

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