As preparations for the State Conference are in full swing (and have been since long before I started), I am looking forward to being able to experience it for myself. In my short few months with ACDA, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting members throughout the state who are doing amazing work. In particular, what excites me about the State Conference is what a gathering of like-minded individuals like this can do to inspire and motivate attendees. Similar to the benefits we all know come from group singing, collective learning can do wonders for one’s health and well-being.

Recently I attended the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Convention. It’s a gathering of nonprofits of all types and sizes from across Minnesota. It was the first in-person conference that I, and probably most of the other attendees, had attended in a number of years. The time was filled with sessions on improving financial management, exploring community-centered philanthropy, and learning about culturally responsive grant making.

In addition to this learning, I found it so motivating to gather with other folks who are working in nonprofits to ask questions, reflect on new ideas, and to reconnect with friends. Also, being able to process what we have been going through the last few years as a group was a great reminder that we are not alone and that our challenges are real. From this experience, I came away motivated, ready to apply new ideas and to continue to support the incredible work of ACDA-MN!

See you at the State Conference!

Jamie Andrews
Executive Director
ACDA of Minnesota