Dear ACDA-MN Colleagues:

To everything there is a season…

At a special August 6 meeting of the ACDA-MN Board of Directors, I informed them of my intention to retire from my position as Executive Director effective June 30, 2022, at the end of the current fiscal year.

Subsequent actions of the Board and of the FMC Executive Committee approved a transition plan that allows me to become an Independent Contractor continuing to serve and provide important leadership continuity to the organization as Director of Development and Coordinator of the FMC 151st Anniversary Concert through the end of calendar year 2022. Further, I will assume more limited development duties in January and February of 2023 producing the 2022 FMC Annual Report.

I look forward to working extensively with the ACDA-MN and FMC leadership teams throughout the coming months to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for our organization and my successor.

Thank you for the distinctive honor to serve our Minnesota choral music community in this full-time staff capacity since 2009. It has been a special position that has nurtured me as a collaborative arts administrator, an appointment that I have cherished greatly for a total of thirteen years. Thank you for pouring your overwhelming support and faith into me that resulted in my attempts to serve our organization with dedication, honesty, integrity, and above all, immense joy!

…a time for every purpose under heaven.

Bruce W. Becker
Executive Director
ACDA of Minnesota