Hello friends!

We have made it to another new year, and probably for those in the schools, another semester. Wow-  what a journey we have all been through in the past few months.  I hope you can center on some of the positives that this time has brought us- time with family, time to sing and learn new music on our own, blessed sleep, and maybe even some new recipes! The virtual fall conference was a huge leap of faith for our board, and I know I really enjoyed the sessions and presenters. Kudos to all who helped put that together and all who attended. Lessons learned from this virtual presentation can be used in the future to reach more members who might not be able to attend in person events!

January membership lists are looking a little slim.  Please renew your memberships and encourage others to join or re-join our family.  You truly will find life-long friendships and wonderful musical inspiration in our organization. Also take a look at the National ACDA conference program and register before Jan.27 to get the reduced rate. Another phenomenal conference is planned focused on access, diversity, and inclusion. I just attended a national president’s meeting and every state is working on these issues to re-examine, change and adjust, and renew commitment to equality and justice for all choral musicians.